Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Mug Rug!

I have come to the conclusion that one of the reasons mug rugs are so popular right now is that it provides the quilting fix in such a quick, satisfying period of time.  I am in the middle of quilting Josiah's quilt, and it is just such a bear to quilt.  You have to maneuver it just so, and my arms start to cramp and my back begins to ache.  Anyhow, not so for little things like mug rugs!

I made this one for Beth of Project.  She has a great blog and is currently doing different crafty book reviews.  I got to know Beth a bit after she was my swap partner in the Scrappy Hoops swap.  I made her this!  We decided to do a little private swappy-swap.  She wanted a mug rug for their new french press and made this mosaic for inspiration.  I noticed lots of color, crosses, funny little characters, and gray.  I was pretty pleased with myself for incorporating so many of those things all in this little rug.  I quilted it with some wavy lines in some variegated yellow thread.  I love variegated thread.  It just looks so pretty on the spool.  

For the back I used some Anna Maria Horner Good Folks.  Bright and cheery!


  1. So cute! I love the Heather Ross prints and the bright solids!

  2. Thanks again! We love this so much.

    And I hadn't noticed all the grey. How funny! But I love it. It was in there all subliminal or something.

  3. Did I tell you that my MIL is selling her quilt machine? Great Mother's Day gift...for you! You deserve, nay, you NEED one. Mention it to your "Kurty." ;)


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