Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer is officially over

Today was the girls' first day of preschool. There was much anticipation over this day, especially on Juliana's part.

I am officially done with my kid clothes making month. These little ruffle shorts about did me in. I was originally going to make these Ruffle Capris by Pink Fig, but I waited until yesterday to make them, and kept fiddling with my rolled hem on the serger and trying to make them perfect. Then around ten last night, I just knew I needed more time to get the ruffles right, but I didn't have more time and my brain was turning off. So they turned into ruffle shorts, but still cute, right? For her shirt I just embellished a white t-shirt with some little roses and put one on barrette for her hair.

For Felicity (what am I going to do with this kid?) I made Oliver + S Sailboat Pants and Top. I have been wanting to make this pattern forever. I made it in a size 3, and it is a little big. I used grey corduroy for the pants and a little Sandpiper fabric from Cloud 9 for the top. I will admit to not being crazy about how the fabric for the top feels, especially since it was expensive! For some reason after washing it feels really stiff, which is strange since I have some other fabric from them which doesn't feel like that.

For the top I chopped off the sleeves (a lot) to make 3/4 sleeves since we will still have warm weather for awhile here. I must have marked my buttonholes wrong on the shoulder because I accidentally had one in the seam allowance (woops.) So I only put on button on each shoulder.

Now I am on to some birthday sewing. Lots of birthdays this month and lots of plans on my part for some homemade gifts (at least, that is the plan.)


  1. Love the outfits! I thought Juliana's was a skirt, so I definitely think the shorts work. Your girls are cuties & I hope they enjoye their first day of preschool!

  2. I LOVE the Sailboat Pants and Top. Felicity reminds me so much of my three year old, right down to the "sort of smile"... when does that phase end?!?!

  3. So cute! I love the bloomers! Well I love all of it! I just turn the bottom of my ruffled edges under. It's different looking than the serged rolled hem but it still looks nice.
    Now I need to go make some...


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