Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fashionable Lady's Sewing Machine Cover

So, I made another sewing machine cover. This one was for my mom for her birthday. She loved the one I made last month. She had made a skirt out of these fashionable ladies, and I picked up the scraps leftover (I love going through her scraps.) thinking that I would make her a pillow, but then couldn't think of a single place in her where a pillow of this nature would go. So a sewing machine cover it was meant to be.

I fussy cut out a few of these fashion divas and added a simple border around them using some fabrics from Authentic and Freebird. For the main part I used Kona Bone which was the perfect off white . As I was cutting them out I realized what funny little sayings were in there. My favorite: "Everyone says I look so nice." Well, of course, she does! So I cut out a couple of these and then appliqued them on.

Now her machine is elegantly adorned, just as every well loved sewing machine should be.


  1. very cute, love the grommets and tie!

  2. That really nice a very lovely sewing machine cover! I agree with what you said that " the machine is elegantly adorned, just as every well loved sewing machine should be."

    Time to make one for my machine!

  3. Do you know the name or the designer of this fabric range? I would love to get hold of some! Its often on the selvedge, but you probably don't have even that left now! The machine cover looks fantastic!

  4. Hello great design..if you would like to do a tutorial on one and be featured on stash manicure..connect with me..we are having a contest in March...2011...


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