Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Girl is FIVE!

How did she go from a little four pound fourteen ounce nothing...
(seriously, looking at this picture of her as a newborn makes me cry!)

to this big five year old girl?

I am already hugging Josiah and telling him not to grow up so fast. ;0p

Juliana requested a rainbow skirt for her birthday. I wanted to make a cute Oliver and S pleated skirt, but all she cared about was that it was rainbow. So I just made a simple skirt and called it good!

This week has been busy. Filled with pinata action.

And lots of bike riding on her new bike. She can't stop talking about all the places she wants to go biking to with her daddy. All I want to do is hug her tight and keep her this sweet forever.


  1. how fun, and they grow up so fast. I was telling Natalie today that shortening (we were making a pie) was to make her shorter so I could keep her little forever. Psycho mom! :)

  2. She sure looks SO happy on her new bike!I love her birthday outfit! She has grown into a very wonderful 5-year old! Congratulations to her and to you, Mom and Dad!

  3. Awww. Happy birthday little girl! She looks so happy and cute. I wish you lots of wonderful and adventurous biking trips together!


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