Monday, July 19, 2010

Popover Sundress

(Do you see the other person in this picture?)

Okay, I have some big plans for sewing some clothes for the girls. I really enjoyed Kids Clothes Week and have been inspired ever since. I am hoping to make most of the girls clothes for when they start preschool. I am hoping to make them each

2 skirts
one sundress
one peasant dress
two shirts
one pair of pants
a couple of pairs of leggings

That is a lot of sewing, but I am hoping to just stick to some basic and easier patterns. Plus, I have about seven weeks to get it all done.

This Popover Dress is my first sun dress. I changed the pattern a little bit to make a pleat. I was totally inspired by this one I saw. I liked the little extra flair it added to this simple dress. I used some of Patty Young's new Playdate line. I just love the little dolls! I only used 1/2 a yard for this dress! I like to squeeze every last bit out of my fabric. ;0)

This is the back of the dress. I just left the back as is. I like this dress because as it cools down she can always just layer it with a t-shirt and use it as a jumper.

For my first shirts I am using the Ice Cream Dress pattern and using view C. Juliana picked the cute little girl print, and Felicity wanted the Princess and the Pea. Have you seen the Ice Cream Dress sew a long that is currently in progress? There have been some great versions of this dress already posted!


  1. Wow! That popover sundress is so gorgeous, love that fabric! And your icecream dresses will look so sweet in the fabrics you've chosen - can't wait to see how they turn out!

  2. The material is so cute! I love the dress. What a funny photo with the extra set of feet! what a character! I love this wonderful dress!

  3. oh. every time i see the far away it still takes my breath, isnt it so beautiful. princess fabric for sure. xx

  4. wow i love love the fabric! and she is too cute!

  5. oh its just divine... she's a cutie!! xx

  6. so sweet! what is that lovely fabric with the jumprope scenes on it? so cute!

  7. I can't wait to see how your princess and the pea dress turns out. I have some in my stash that I have been saving. I think this dress would do a great job of showing off that print. I'm thinking I may wait until my girls get a little bit older. I actually bought a Princess and the Pea book so that they will be excited about the dress when I do make.

  8. Love it! The Popover dress is such a great sun dress. Can't wait to see your ice cream dresses.

  9. That's such a bright and fun little dress. Very nice! (And I love those little feet hiding behind her :))


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