Friday, March 12, 2010

So productive!

I have had such a productive sewing week! It has been "sew" much fun...haha. Okay, so my house is a little messier and dinner has been a little lack luster, but it was nice to get some things finished up.

The cutest thing I made this week though was this little dress for Juliana. It is the Molly Peasant Dress that I got from My girls' are obsessed with dresses and always want to wear them. However, they also play outside so much. I was looking for something simple for their outdoor "lifestyle". ;0)

I let Juliana pick out the fabric, and she chose this sweet little strawberry fabric by Lecien, and I paired it with this fun ric rac fabric. The pattern is well put together, and I love all the different sleeve options. I think this would a great pattern for a beginner- it only took me two hours start to finish. Juliana loves it. She calls it her Strawberry Shortcake dress.

I then invited Felicity into the picture, and she was excited to join in the picture fun with big sister. She is wearing an old top I made for Juliana a couple of years ago. It is a pattern by Sew Baby called the "Easy Pieces Jumper".

Lets be honest here folks. Two year old moods can change on a dime. She happily took a picture with sister, but once I suggested one of just her I got this...

(Imagine a dramatic sigh.)

Try again?

No go.


  1. LMAO!!!!! That is priceless. Totally the 2 year old mood. I love it :) The dresses and the models! :)

  2. 我對自己的信心已超越別人對我的評價........................................

  3. I have gotten a cavity from how sweet they look!!!

    I miss making dresses for my daughter. She is 11 and that's not cool any more. All she wants to wear are skinny jeans. Sorry didn't mean to ramble on.

  4. They both look so cute. Laughing AND moping ;-)


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