Saturday, March 20, 2010

Potty Training

That is what we are attempting today. However, it is four p.m. and no success getting it on the potty yet. My girls seems to have an uncanny ability to hold it and let go the moment your back is turned.

So, I have had some blog and link reading time available as we wait by the potty for something to happen.

  • Spring Top Week is coming up! I entered last year and was lucky enough to be a finalist with this shirt.
  • I decided not to enter this year. Hmmm...something about being 8 months pregnant leaves me with little inspiration to make a shirt at this point. However, if you are pregnant too and want to enter, this tutorial for a maternity shirt is really cute!
  • Or I used this tutorial to fix a tent like maternity t-shirt, and it is definitely much more wearable now. Just remember to really stretch the elastic as you sew it on. Quick fix that took five minutes! My kind of sewing.
  • Here is a tutorial for a car seat canopy. I am working on a patchwork one.
  • My little kitty pillow that I made for the girls' room was featured on One Pretty Thing today!
  • This little girl skirt tutorial and mama skirt tutorial look really cute and easy!
Find any cute tutorials lately that you are making or on your to do list? Please do share!

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  1. We have benn potty training this week too..... I feel your pain. =D


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