Saturday, January 23, 2010

The beginning...

I have actually been a busy little bee of late. I just don't have a ton of completed projects to show. I am working on the girls' room currently. I have done a lot of rearranging and adorning of sorts. When I first saw Darla I knew that it was perfect for my girls. I got this fabric last summer on clearance. Wahoo. Can't beat sales! This is Felicity's quilt. I actually just used leftover fabric from Juliana's quilt top (which is still incomplete) and used the strips and leftover patchwork.

I liked the contrast of the horizontal stripes with the vertical lines of the quilting. I quilted these about one inch apart. I thought it would take no time at all. I was wrong. I think next time I will quilt 2" or 3" apart and "fill in" if I think it needs more.

I used Red Pepper Quilts' method for applying the binding and it! Not a big fan of hand sewing, but with her method you can't see the machine sewing from the top and only the back, so it still has a bit of the feel of the binding having been sewn on by hand. I found that I actually had an easier time sewing it on by not pinning it. When I was pinning it kept bunching up on me for some reason. Anyway, I just used a white solid for the back, but you can see the quilting better from this side, and I like the simplicity of it.

I am currently working on Juliana's quilt, some curtains, and some pillows to complete their room.

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  1. Looks so fun! Beautifully done!
    I seem to usually like the quilts I make with the "left overs" as much or more as the originals. I would love to see pictures of their room when you finish.


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