Monday, April 27, 2009

Once a week...

I do my house cleaning on Mondays. I find I lose motivation every day as the week goes on, so I just do all the major things on Monday. I am rested (usually) from the weekend and ready to start the week off right.

Monday to do's:
clean bathroom
clean top of stove
organize papers and bills

I have other stuff for the rest of the week, but if it doesn't get done it isn't as big of a deal since I know the "basics" are accomplished.

I have been listening to the music from "Once" while cleaning. If you haven't seen this movie, you must. The music is the best and the characters and story are charming. You will not be disappointed. This was definitely my top movie from last year. I love that the actors in this movie had never acted before. It really brings a real feel to the film.


  1. We watched the film and enjoyed it very much!

  2. I so loved this movie, and this song = }

  3. i should clean like that....great idea!!! i love once, the movie and music became my absolute favorites as soon as i saw the movie


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