Friday, September 14, 2012

-tin can caddy-

This is a project I found via Pinterest, and I was immediately excited to make it.  I started collecting cans and got a nice little assortment.  Then they...sat. for. months.

 However, a few weeks ago I went and bought some Modge Podge, grabbed some scraps, and got to work.  I have never used Modge Podge before!  Fun stuff!  I was introduced to all sorts of fun things to make when I was in the Modge Podge aisle at Michael's.  :0)

The caddy is perfect for holding all my crafty supplies, and I love having it on the lazy susan.  Brilliant.  I can sit and not have to move my lazy butt to reach the essentials. :0)

In the tutorial she has you hang the little cans on the big can, which I think looks really cool.  However, I am lazy and just stuck the cans around the bigger one.  The nice thing about that though is it makes the little cans more versatile, and you can move them to a different location if your heart should so desire.

So, there you have it...go forth and collect some tin cans!

Also, Michelle Patterns has just released an awesome new document on how to format PDF patterns!  I just bought it, and it is full of useful info on formatting, wording, and all the little nitty gritty technical stuff that goes into putting together a PDF pattern.  She is offering it at 50% off until Sunday with the code: patternmaking!


  1. Love using things instead of tossing them in the garbage; will definitely be making some of these for my sewing room! :)


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