Thursday, September 13, 2012

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My friend, Jen, recently came over and brought me this beautiful dresden pillow!  It is so lovely.  I love all the neutrals.  It goes perfectly on my red couch, which is so hard to make pillows for.  Not many things go with a red couch.  I am blessed in my friendship with Jen.  It was one of those friendships that God provided at just the right time, and she is just so much fun to hang out and laugh with.   


Juliana had her first day of enrichment classes at the charter school we are enrolled in for homeschoolers.  She gets to go to school one day a week and is taking a farm animal class and a camping class.  She *loved* the whole thing.  I was told she learned about animal poop (manure), constellations, and that the boys were not very good at listening.


Josiah set up all his dinosaurs under his crib.  He excitedly showed them to me.  When I called the kids downstairs for lunch, we found him fast asleep.  Hard work admiring your perfectly lined up dinosaurs.


Josiah's interest in books has really peaked lately.  He asked for a cup of water, placed it on the table, ran for a book, and sat down to enjoy.  Guess he has been watching the rest of us.  So sweet.

However, this is how I found him "reading" this morning after we were finished with school. *sigh*  At least he left one book on the bookshelf.

round button chicken


  1. That picture of your son on a pile of books is priceless!!

  2. The picture of your son are great and the tin can are super cool!!

    Have a fun weekend.

  3. That pillow is just lovely. Someday I will get back to sewing... And, the kid pics are adorable! What could be more fun than learning about poop? :-)

    1. She was definitely both intrigued and disgusted by the poop fact. ;0)

  4. My daughter is the same way with books! Except she usually ends up with them all in her bed and she sleeps on top of them. Not sure how, but she manages! I love that she loves books so much. :)

    1. Yes, I love kids who love books! I have a daughter who has a 101 stuffed animals she sleeps with. It always looks so uncomfortable!

  5. It''s so nice to see that I'm not the only one with a bibliophile who likes to be fully surrounded by books! I have a seven year old who still does stuff like this.


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