Sunday, January 22, 2012

-this week-

Velveteen and Minky Blanket

I made my first thing for new baby girl!  One of the softest, most luxurious blankets ever!  The pink floral is a velveteen by Anna Maria Horner.  The other side is a super soft minky.  I found it here at our local random fabric store.  It is a giant warehouse full of all sorts of interesting treasures and a whole lot of well, you know.... stuff you never want.  I found something similar over at  I love making things like this.  Really isn't anything easier, and you get such a nice result!  I took it downstairs to show everyone, and Felicity immediately declared that she was freezing and needed a blanket.  Hmmmm....  I let her try it out. ;0)

Turning Twenty Quilt Basted!

I also got out my Turning Twenty quilt top that I made last summer.  It is finally a quilt sandwich!  I went to my mom's house and basted it there, since I really didn't have a big uncarpeted open space to baste this.   I think I am going to keep the quilting simple and maybe just outline the blocks?  I plan to quilt it here and there.  It is such a big quilt that I don't want to burn out on it.

I also started a crochet pillow to go with the new bed quilt!  I have had this pattern pinned on Pinterest for awhile now, and I am excited for how these colors are coming together!

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!  


  1. It is such a beautiful and warm gift for a baby girl, I liked it very much¡¡

  2. Meg,l love that blanket.xx

  3. What a beautiful little blanket! Where did you find the AMH fabric? When you get your turning twenty quilt finished and on the bed, I hope we'll see a picture of it. You amaze me, lady!

  4. Gorgeous Pillow and gorgeous smile too!


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