Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Skirt for the First Day

Today was my little sunshine girl's first day of preschool.  This girl is happy all the time.  Seriously.  She is such a joy.  She loves life, and she brings happiness to all around her. 

I made her a new little skirt for her first day.   You can't really see and admire the fabric in this picture, but it is a sweet little Japanese print I have been saving for two years now with a mother duck and her little ducklings.  Felicity has appropriately dubbed it The Duckie Skirt.  The pattern for the skirt came from the book Little Girls, Big Style, and it is the On The Border Skirt.  I have used this book several times. I think I have only blogged about this one other skirt.  I don't why I never posted the other things I have made.  I guess I was lazy. ;0)  Anyways, it is a great book for cute and quick little clothes.  

I also made her that gray bow in her hair.  I am a horrible bow maker.  I haphazardly made a bow and hot glued it on a hair clip.  I see all these moms making all these amazing bows for their girls' hair.  I need to get me some bow lessons.

Sisterly love.

She happily skipped her way to school and found her seat for painting.  Gave me a quick wave good bye and that was that. 


  1. what cuties Meg and her little skirt is gorgeous

  2. you can just TELL that she's a happy little gal! she's so adorable. i bet she and my daughter could be buddies. :) super cute skirt, too - hope she had fun in preschool!

  3. That skirt turned out so cute! I have that book and can't wait to start making some clothes from it.

  4. ah cute! she looks like a sweetie! and her skirt is adorable too. :)

  5. She just looks adorable! I love all the photos. She sure loves preschool! The skirt is very cute!

  6. I live the ricrac detail -what a great touch!


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