Friday, May 6, 2011

Tiny Pocket Tank

Here is another top finish!  I was Flickr browsing last Friday and came across this super cute top, which led me to the pattern for the Tiny Pocket Tank.  I loved the simplicity of this top, and the pattern is only $2.50!  I was sold.  I had just bought this pretty floral print from Joanns.  I totally have a weakness for pretty floral prints.  So many of the fabrics in my stash are florals.  I can't  I don't know what it is.  Do you have a weakness for certain prints?  It is a cotton/linen blend and perfect for a lightweight top.

The pattern was very well put together and came together quickly.  The only problem I had was with the size of the bias strips she had you cut.  For both the neck and the arm holes they were about an inch and half short, but I just added a bit.  Not a super biggie, but maybe measure yours to be sure before cutting!  The pattern calls for about 2 yards, but I only had a little over a yard of this print.  So instead of making my own bias binding.  I used some ready made binding.  This pattern has darts which is nice and gives the top some shape.    

It is 95 degrees today, so I think I will definitely be making some more of these!

(Fluffy dog tail.)

Juliana was my photographer for these shots, and I have to say she is getting pretty good! ;0)  Overall, I would definitely recommend this pattern.  I already have my next one lined up.  The only thing I am going to change is to raise the neckline.  It is a little too low for my taste, hence the use of a cami underneath.

So are you sick of these pieced tunics yet?  I made another one yesterday out of the modal spandex I got.  I really love the flowy nature of this knit, but it did make it a little trickier keeping it together.  I recommend lots of pins! This one is for my mom for Mother's Day.  She has already received it, so it is safe to show pictures. ;0) 

Happy Mother's Day weekend!


  1. Love the tank! It has a nice fit to it. I tend to buy a lot of fabric with brown in it. I keep telling myself to stop, but I'm drawn to it... I can't help it. Happy Mother's Day, Meg :)

  2. Great Job! I don't have the courage to sew-sew yet. just quilting so far. I have trouble dealing with patterns.

  3. Wow! This looks awesome ... as I said in my other (super long) comment ... I just made my third LBB tunic and it's my fave so far. I used the modal spandex and man is it tricky! :) I'm so impressed you made the whole tunic from it - Hope your mom loved it! :)


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