Sunday, May 15, 2011

Skirt and a Shirt

Okay, I admit that I started off with a lot of excitement for Kid's Clothes Week, but after I finished the rainbow tunics I haven't touched the sewing machine until today.  So this skirt is my only other finish.  I do have a bunch of other patterns ready to be cut though! 

It is a free pattern, and I have to admit that I have become completely enamored with Ashley's style.  I want all of her patterns!  Juliana seemed a little suspicious when I showed the skirt to her, but as soon as she tried it on she commented on how soft it was.  I used some pink modal spandex and cut up an old pink stripe shirt of mine that got holes in it.  My shirts always end up with holes in them in the same spot!  I think I have discovered that it is when I am snipping threads while I am sewing!  Dang. 

A totally fun skirt for running...

and doing the chicken dance in?

Last Sunday I also whipped up this tank top for myself.  I altered the Pieced Tunic pattern to draft the pattern for this tank top.

Then I used this tutorial from Tea Rose Home to embellish it.  I didn't add as many ruffles however, since I didn't think it would look as flattering on my curves. ;0)  This fabric is so soft and buttery.  I just like to stroke it. 

Linking up to Tea Rose Home!


  1. Love that tank!Juliana is so cute. You have three, you could give one to me, geez ;).

  2. That tank looks great on you Meg! And I love Juliana's super model pose.

  3. They both are so cute! I especially love that tank.

  4. hi meg! ummm, how cute is your ruffle skirt AND that shirt for yourself!?! I'm glad to hear that you too are very into LBB patterns (I feel like I'm just on a roll lately w/ them too ... just made my 3rd tunic w/ the modal spandex that I ordered from that ebay store you mentioned before). And seriously that skirt you made is too fun - I love the combo of stripes & solids. This comment is long (sorry!) - ordering 1 yard of the modal spandex is a TON! I'm going to have to start making everything from it too :)

  5. Your ruffle shirt turned out so pretty! Thank you for linking to my party! :)

  6. The girls' pillow turned out so cute! I didn't get a chance to see it when you wre working on it at the sew-in, but the finished product looks perfect for your sweeties.


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