Saturday, May 8, 2010

Juliana's Beautiful Blankie

I finally finished Juliana's quilt for her bed. I had the quilt top all completed in January before I even started Felicity's. I didn't know how I wanted to quilt it, so I waited for inspiration and waited and waited... :0) I finally decided to do a simple crosshatch pattern. I basted and marked the lines on this quilt at the end of March. I spray basted for the first time. It took me forever to get it smooth, so it didn't really save me time in comparison to pin basting. However, it was really nice not to have to worry about taking the pins out while I was quilting. Anyway, even though it was all basted I still put it off because of the size. Then last week as we were tucking the girls into bed, she said in such a sad little voice that she wished she had a beautiful blankie like Felicity. Eep. Nothing like a guilt trip to get a person motivated.

So here she is with her beautiful blankie, and she is quite pleased. The pattern The Summer Breeze Quilt from "Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts", and I used Tanya Whelan's Darla line with some Kona white. It was a simple pattern, and quite easy to put together.

I had some extras from the strips on the front, so I pieced them together for a strip for the back as well.

Now I can safely move on to Josiah's quilt...*whew*


  1. Beautiful!! I love the colors and the pattern, and well everything about it! Good job.

  2. Juliana's quilt is great! She looks very happy with it, too! I love the material and the wonderful quilting job you did!


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