Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For the teachers...

Well, it is the last week of school for Juliana. Where did the time go? To be honest, I am rather sad about it. She is in a Montessori school, and she loves every minute of it. It has been so amazing to see her transform from a toddler to a little girl over these past few months. Now what am I going to do all summer with her? Any good summer activities that you have planned for your littles?

However, since it is the last week of school I have been making some little gifts of appreciation for all the teachers.

This is the April Bag pattern by Oh Fransson! for Sew Mama Sew. It was a simple pattern and easy to put together. The only thing I did differently was shorten the side "slits" a little bit because I thought they were a little to long for this version (I made the small one.) I feel like it is missing something. Maybe it needs a fabric flower?

I also made the ever so popular (and for good reason) Buttercup bag by Made by Rae. Great pattern. Cute bag! Small amount of fabric. I have been hording my Good Folks fat quarters for the past couple of months, but it was time to let go and break into them. This pattern was perfect for the design of this fabric too. The teacher this is for often wears a sweater the exact color of the orange in this fabric.

I have one more bag to make, and I also have a short and cute little tutorial that I hope to have up this week. Happy sewing!


  1. So sweet! Great gifty ideas, btw. I love how that Good Folks pattern got placed right on the middle too. I've seen a few others like that and it's just fab.

  2. oh, so sweet and beautiful! As a teacher, this is something that I could and would truly appreciate!


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