Sunday, April 21, 2013

-little projects-

Pink In Threes Cardigan and Dress

I made another In Threes sweater.  This time in pink and for another baby.  I love this shade of pink.   It is kind of dusky and not pink, pink!  There is neon everywhere right now, and I admit that I am just not a neon girl.  I have had the hardest time shopping for my kids this spring.  Everything is so...BRIGHT.  I don't mind it in bits and pieces, but well...where are my pretty pastels??

Pink In Threes Cardigan and Dress

I haven't been knitting as much lately because I have been dealing with horrible tendonitis.  I was working on a cute little baby dress in a fingering weight, and it just did me in.  I am half way done, and the dress is turning out so, so cute.  I don't know if I can ever work with fingering again though.  Thankfully, this is worsted weight, and so it didn't bother my hand and shoulder as much...whew.  I made another little peasant dress to go underneath.  I used a sweet little flower fabric from Hunky Dory that I have had in my stash for awhile.  Perfect for a little baby, yes?

Foldover Clutches

I also made some fun Foldover Clutches.  I have been wanting to make some of these for awhile.  The envelope clutch I made last year was starting to look a little dingy, so it was time for a little something new.  One for me and one for a gift.

Foldover Clutch

These are super simple, quick sews.  However, the touch of leather gives them that perfect touch.  Very satisfying! ;0)

Kid Clothes Week starts tomorrow.  I don't know if I will be productive as I was last fall, but fabrics and patterns are picked!  Fingers are crossed!


  1. what a gorgeous sweater. absolutely stunning. my husband doesn't like neon either. he jokes that he's lived through the 80s once.... and that was enough! ;)

  2. Love the cardigan and the clutches! I'm waiting for it to get nice and cold here in Melbourne to pick up my knitting again. I've had a cowl on the needles for at least 6 months!

  3. I feel the same about neons. I don't mind a bit of neon trim or accent, but I can't cope with it as a main colour! Love that cardigan - the buttons are perfect :)

  4. Such cuteness! I love the little dress and sweater. And the clutches are very pretty!

  5. Most adorable sweater and dress! That will be one stylin' little girl Meg!


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