Wednesday, June 13, 2012

-summer plans-

The girls' new bed.  Yeah, they kind of love it.

So back in April we stopped in a furniture store to take a look at bunk beds for the girls.  Felicity was still in a toddler bed, and we thought the three girls would probably end up sharing a room at some point.  Of course, the first bunk bed you see in the store was this fort bed.  My girls were in *love*.   We didn't get any further. Honestly, who wouldn't be?  However, we gave ourselves some time to think about it.  Then we decided that we have enough kids to make this bed useful for quite awhile, so why not?  We had to special order it, and last week it came.  It has been a big hit, and they have been telling everyone about their fort bed and having all sorts of pretend adventures.

One more border and the top will be done!

So, I had a down comforter to fit the double bed on the bottom, but summer here is super hot.  Really you don't need much more than a sheet at night.  Good reason to finish up one of those quilts that I have been meaning to finish for a year!  This is my Fussy Cut Bee quilt.  I wanted to finish it last year when I was hosting Finish It Up!, but I only got as far as adding a bit of sashing to some of the blocks.  I now have the top mostly assembled.  I just have one more white border to add!

I am a slow quilter.  Any other slow quilters out there?  I see people busting out quilts every couple of weeks, and I get inspired.  I can't do that.  Okay, so it might have a little something to do with four kids, but I also find quilts to be such big projects.  I always seem to lose motivation somewhere along the line.   However, I have three quilts I wanted to finish last summer, so I am determined to finish them this summer.


June: Fussy Cut Bee Quilt
July: Kaleidoscope Quilt
August: Summer Sampler 

Fingers crossed!  What are your summer sewing plans?


  1. I can't whip out whole quilts either. I love the idea of them but you are right, with a bunch of kids, it's hard! Small projects are generally satisfying for me right now but I am wanting to make another quilt at the moment. We will see if I can fit it in this summer with everyone home!

  2. Your lucky girls! My kiddos would love something like this.

  3. That bed is adorable! You know I am going to ask WHERE you got it!
    I am a slow quilter too. I like to cut teeny pieces and that takes forever! Even if I strip piece. And yes kids and hubby are part of that reason I am slow, but really I am just slow!
    Pretty Quilt!

  4. Very cool bed! My kids would love it. (We just have boring bunk beds.) I am not a super fast quilter. But I do try get other small projects done in between. Some of the super fast quilters make smaller quilts...

  5. Preach it sister! I know just what you mean, sometimes I can get very discouraged at the sheer volume of quilts that some people manage to make. I have to remind myself that my pace is perfectly fine, and it's not a competition. Thank you for voicing what I am feeling!

  6. wow very pretty this bed. I'm a slow quilter too!!! I still have ma summer sampler quilt to finisht... top done but no quilt yet!!! and... 2 quilts in progress... and so much more in my head! i'm like you not so productive! but sewing other things.. and mothers of triplets boys... of 3 so it's undersantable!
    have a great sewing summer

  7. What a fun bunk bed for your little ones! Love that quilt you are working on for it too! I am a slow quilter as well... I think it might have something to do with working and all the other stuff in life, but it always takes me awhile to get a quilt finished up. Of course I think I also tend to get bored of one project & so I consistently start new ones while setting the last one aside for awhile :)

  8. How fun is that bed?!? Your quilt-to-be is gorgeous, Meg. I am totally amazed at the people who bust out 10, 15, 20 quilts a year. I am so slow when it comes to big projects. Slow to choose fabric, slow to start cutting, slow to get it pieced together. But once the top is done, I usually start moving a little faster. I wish I knew how people do it. I have three quilts I'd like to get done this year. I just need to take that first step and get started.

  9. the bed is totally awesome meg! and yep, not sure how people whip out quilts like crazy, feels like it takes me forever! :)

  10. i am a slow quilter, too. with similar loss of interest issues, lol. i have no kids to blame it on, but i like to take my time with things, and i like to enjoy the process, so cranking something out in a hurry is not my cup of tea! great bed :D

  11. oh! i also have an unfinished summer sampler, lol. i did manage to finish my kaleidoscope, tho, but it took much longer than the dealine hehe!

  12. Oooh, that bed is super cute and looks like a lot of fun for your girls! :)
    My quilting has slowed down a lot, too. I think I'm just trying to enjoy the process and really just make what I really love.
    Your quilt looks very pretty. The colors are so calming!


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