Wednesday, April 11, 2012

-Happy Easter!-

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  We started our day quite early opting to go to church for the sunrise mass instead of fighting the crowds later on in the morning.  Then we came home and rested for awhile before having brunch and an Easter egg hunt.

There were no handmade Easter dresses this year.  Just some pretty store bought dresses.  Thank you, Costco. ;0)

It is harder to get a good picture of this girl.  She always thinks the camera is a time to come up with some sort of pose!


We later went and celebrated with extended family and had another Easter egg hunt!  Josiah was all about the hunt this year.  He loved gathering eggs and finding delicious candy inside.

Woops.  We forgot his Easter basket.  Doesn't he look pleased with himself though?

Just one more of him because he just looked so cute in his little Easter outfit.


There hasn't been a lick of sewing since Samantha has been on the scene.  There has been a lot of holding and snuggling though.  I forgot how much your life just goes to living moment by moment instead of having any sort of big plans.  However, it has been nice to slow down and just enjoy her.  She is starting to wake up more, and I actually got her and Josiah to take a nap at the same time this afternoon.  That was nice!  Here is to more of that!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter! We did the sunrise service at our church when I was pregnant with Joshua. I can't imagine doing it now with only 2 kids (successfully on time!), so I'm super impressed with you & Kurt!
    I for one am glad you included all of those pics of Josiah. I get to fawn over the girls often and they're all beautiful in these pics (as always). Josiah truly is rocking his little man outfit, though, and his facials are making me melt! Such a handsome little guy!

  2. Meg, you have such a beautiful family! I'm with Jen about Josiah, he's definitely looking quite the dapper little boy! Suddenly, he doesn't look like a baby anymore. Your girls are adorable, and I love that Miss Princess likes to pose! Samantha is a doll, and this picture makes me want to smooch all over that little face! Is there any chance you'll bring her to the meeting this month? We miss you!

  3. Oh, your family is so adorable! Congratulations on the new addition!!! She's beautiful!


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