Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mini Quilts!

I finished this little mini earlier this week for The Mini QT Swap.  For this swap you are supposed to make a very small little quilt that fits into the rounds theme.  The theme this round was "Take Flight".  I got the amazing Nanotchka as my partner.  I soon felt very intimidated.  She is such a talented lady, and it is hard to make something for someone you know could make something ten times better. This swap definitely stretched my comfort levels a bit.

This mini started out with inspiration from this pillow from Stitch Magazine.  I put it on some cool notebook paper fabric by Basic Grey for Moda.  I appliqued the balloons and clouds at first, and it just looked so... plain.  I really wanted it to look like it was drawn on a piece of paper.  So I added some writing and some little "punched" holes on the side.  I still felt something was missing.

So then I added the pencil.  I think the balloon got away!  It was funny to me how this little quilt so quickly changed. I find that I can almost never just leave something alone.  I always want to fiddle with an idea.

This is the mini that I received in return!  She does such fabulous birds, and I have admired them so long.  I love the soft, spring like colors that she chose as well as the little quilt hanging from the wash line.  Thank you Nanette!


  1. Both mini's are so lovely! What a great swap.

  2. They're both gorgeous! I love so many things about each of them

  3. Hi, Meg! I got such a giggle out of your little balloon quilt! I think it's very clever, and you shouldn't be intimidated by anyone! Love it!

  4. Both of these are beautiful. I love your interpretation of "Take Flight". The pencil is such an unexpected addition.

  5. those are both just gorgeous, I am loving them!

  6. Totally charming little quilts! I love both.


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