Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Market Bags

I have been sewing! I promise. Just not as often. It has been so hot. This means upstairs is really hot. This is where the sewing machine is. This is where I go up to to sew, but then immediately come back down because I feel that I will burn up. You don't want me to burn up, do you? So we went to Lake Michigan yesterday to cool down. The girls found some comfy chairs. I think they look so much a like in this picture.

I decided to move the sewing machine downstairs to get some sewing done. I made a couple of Jane Market Bags from Alicia Paulson's new pattern. These came together pretty fast.

I really like the one on the left. I used a fat quarter for the middle part and the pocket. So it only has a pocket on one side.

I love this pear fabric. I have used it on so many projects. I think brown, blue, and green are my colors. I have a lot of fabric in those colors.

Now this is a mail sack I made for the judge's secretary (Kurt's boss). Juliana always asks Kurt when he leaves in the morning if he is going to see the judge. It always so ominous. Anyhoo, she chose the fabric. Some Amy Butler Nigella for the strap and some Amy Butler Charm on the inside. The Nigella is so lovely. I think I am going to have get some of that for myself. I have a more complete review of this pattern here. I also have this pattern in the shop. I have been thinking that I would like to do more pattern reviews of patterns that I carry in the shop. I want to try to do at least a couple every month. Would any of you be interested in writing a review of a pattern that I carry? Or would you want to send some pictures of something that you have made from one of the patterns as a sample? I think it would be fun. Let me know in the comments or shoot me an e-mail!


  1. I'd be happy to do pattern reviews. I own one of yours already and have the fabric and everything picked out and there are some other's that are very cute!

    My email is nshalsey at yahoo dot com

  2. I love the pear Jane Market Bag...great colors...great job. :o)

  3. I'd be willing to do pattern reviews. I recently wrote a long review of the Portabello Pixie Claire pattern on my blog, but I wouldn't mind rewriting it into a less rambly state.

  4. I should not have read your blog today. Despite the fact that I really didn't need any new patterns right now, I just downloaded Jane's Market Bag. Can't wait to sew one up!

  5. I love the pear bag. That fabric is fabulous. Found you via SMS and the serger post. If you're looking for people to try patterns to review them I'd be happy to.

  6. I bought that same market bag pattern! I couldn't tell, or maybe I didn't take the time to look, how much fabric did you need for the outside, inside, pocket? If I remember the directions just gave sizes of the pieces and not how much you need to have to start the project. I would also be interested in reviewing patterns for you because most of my successes have come from other people's patterns and not my own creating.

  7. I love to make bags, and would love to write some reviews.


  8. i'd love to review patterns and/or post pics of projects i've made. you can email me at scruffycat1970(at)yahoo(dot)com.



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